Exorcism needed?

You start by describing exactly how you have everything set up. Where do you store your live projects, where do you save your automatic backups, exactly what happened before you lost your text?
When a live project goes bonkus it’s often because it was stored in a cloud service other than Dropbox…

Lunk, that post you replied to was spam. :imp: Mods appear to have deleted it.

It was a copy of a legit older post, and if you search for “Exorcism” you’ll see the original. :smiley:

Obviously, Lunk’s instructions lead to a successful exorcism. Mission accomplished!

Good point!!!

Damn, I thought I was fairly good at identfying spam… well, you can’t win all the time…

Spam, spam, spam…

The said part for me personally is I immediately realized it was spam because I remembered and recognized the verbiage from the original post. I spend way too much time reading posts here.

The moment I saw

I knew it was a spam and dutifully reported it. :mrgreen: