Expanding Note Cells after closing and saving

I am using the latest version of Scapple for Windows.

As I create notes, the text wraps inside the note shape, but when I save it and exit, the next time I open the file, all the note boxes are elongated to the longest sentence length.

Some note boxes are not elongated, which seems unusual.

What can I do?

are you saving before closing the project? I have not seen this behavior. The default note can be quite wide, but in file>options>new notes can set dimension and same for New shapes in another panel.

Yeah I haven’t seen this happen either. I can think of what kinds of issues might cause it, but none that should be happening, unless you yourself select the notes and use Notes ▸ Auto-Fit.

If you think you have a good way of reproducing it, what might work well is to turn off auto-save so that you can open the .scap file, determine it has happened, and if so, close without saving. That can then be sent to us, either attached here or in a PM if you’d rather not share it publicly. If we can see it happen, it should be a relatively simple matter to figure out what is going wrong.

I downloaded Scapple under the “Trial” offer. I did notice that “Auto-Fit” had been turned on./enabled.

(It had to be turned on by default because I hadn’t enabled it. In fact, I left all the defaults “as-is” while I experimented with Scapple.)

I disabled it, and I haven’t noticed the problem…yet.

Sorry, I was unclear with my instructions. If you turn that setting off then it is extremely unlikely you would ever see this bug, if that is what we’re looking at. In order to create a sample file that we can test with, you would need to leave that on. The setting I suggested turning off was auto-save, not auto-fit, because if you leave save on, when you open the test file to examine it, it will likely save in the expanded state rather than how you left it when closing it, the word wrapped state. Hopefully that makes more sense.

Naturally, feel free to turn the auto-fit setting off for your own work though, if you don’t mind how that works. It mainly only makes a difference to very short notes, which will no longer shrink to the width of the text.