expiry warning message

Hi community,
does anyone know why I’m getting free trial expiry notices when I purchased Scrivener years ago and have been using it ever since?

Re-enter your registration information from your purchase email.

I have reentered my credentials several times at this point, but after a couple weeks, I will be informed that once again my trial is over.

Is there a problem with their credential method? How do I get an actual fix to this issue?

There are a bunch of posts like this here in the forum with the solution. Have you checked them out?

Thank you, Twolane. But according to messages here, that isn’t working. Why should we have to do this? We purchased our versions in good faith. I have years of work on Scrivener. Now I’m worried about losing it. Do the administrators not see these posts and can they not solve the problem from their end? Why cause users so much stress?
Again, thanks for your reply.

So you’ve tried it, then?

I expect you’re running the most recent version If not, download it.

If that doesn’t help, and you can’t find you license information, send off an email to L&L and solve the problem.

As mentioned above, there are a few threads concerning this on the forum. Search the forums and you’ll find them.

I have over ten years of work in Scrivener. I’m not concerned in the slightest about losing any of it.

Thank you for your reply Twolane. My point is, I shouldn’t be getting this messages in the first place. I don’t know what version I have. It used to automatically update, but it hasn’t done so in years. Never mind, if it runs out, it runs out. All large companies are gone like this, they leave people scrabbling around trying to find answers.

  • throws up hands and runs away *

I’ll leave it to others with more patience.