export a single Chapter as LaTex file - Without preamble

Hey everybody!

I would love to export all my chapters as a single tex-file. The idea is that i would then link the files in TextMate via \input{…} with my master.tex. In my master.tex I have all formatting.

Do you have any idea how to realise this idea?

cheers mike

Sure, this is pretty easy to do. MultiMarkdown works in a “smart” fashion when it comes to meta-data. Basically, if a document is handed off to it with full document meta-data (such as title, author and so on), then it will assume you are creating a full document and insert all of the boilerplate includes. If you would rather just produce a snippet of a full document, simply omit the meta-data. You can find these settings in the Meta-Data compile option pane.

yes! it works… thx!