Export changes Comment font and color

What am I missing?

I changed in Options the font family for my sidebar Comments (to Baskerville); the Scrivener document involved exported to a docx with the Comment font as expected.

I then changed the individual background color (to yellow) and font family (Arial/12) of a Comment, but it still exports with …
the default background color (red)
and with my Options font family change (Baskerville).

I then changed the Options Comment background color (yellow) and new Comments are indeed generated with the new color – but export with the old (red).

RC/context-menu ‘Convert to default formatting’ does change the font family for the interior/‘Scrivener’ Comment, but that doesn’t stick through the export into Word 2010.

(The date/times on the exported file are changing with each export.)

Changing the text of the Comment exports as expected, as it ‘should’.

Is there an Export control panel somewhere? Is any of this controled by compilation settings?

[Post submission edit: Of course, all the above is background. The simple point is that …
When I export a document to .docx, then open the file in Word 2010,
the Comment formatting, background color and the font family, are not as they are on-screen in Scrivener for Windows, 1.9.9.]

(It would be nice were external/web links to work in the exported comment.
(And it would of use were the export locations and names to ‘stick’ from one export to the next.)