Export check boxes

In the export panel, has anyone found a way to check multiple “page break before” and “keep” boxes at a time, either throught drag and click, or highlight and click as a group?

No, no idea how this can be done. Would be nice though – in the current project, I need a page break before every text document. Right now I have to check every one manually (or am I just too dumb?) which takes some time with 60+ text files. A »check all« box would be just great.

It’s much easier to check or un-check all than it is to selectively handle multiples. Option-clicking on any checkbox will toggle the state for all visible items. As far as I know, there is no way to select 7 or 8 items from just anywhere in the list, and toggle just those.

Remember you can display this particular checkbox in Outliner view, and Option-click works there as well. If you have 30 text files and 3 folders, it might be easier to check off everything, and then fix the 3. Tricks like that. Outliner might also be an easier interface to check for this flag, than the Export pane.

Thanks a lot for the hint! Option-clicking to toggle the status of all visible items works fine in the Outliner – doesn’t work at all in the Export pane (on my machine). Anyway, that’s a great way to do it, thanks for explaining the workaround.

You’re right that this doesn’t work in the export pane… I’ll add it to the list…

I’m finding that the export check boxes seem to change when I least expect it. For example, when I compile a draft and select only one chapter (folder) for export, the export check boxes seem to get turned off automatically for all the other chapters and text elements in my project. This means I have to go back through the entire document trying to remember what I want to include and what not.

Am I missing something here?

There is no reason this should happen - selecting a particular chapter to export or print has no effect on the “Include in Export” flag, which is a separate flag stored within the data associated with the document itself. It has no power over it at all, in fact… Perhaps you could give an example, or steps to reproduce?