Export Confusion

When I export a document as a Word file it shows up in a spread format (like a book layout) when I open the file in Word, which is not what I want. Once, my work-around was a copy and paste into Word, but the same thing happens with a copy and paste. Any help appreciated. Thanks.

In Word, on the Zoom drop down, select Whole Page.

See: answers.microsoft.com/en-us/mac/ … b6a74b587d

Are you sure it’s not just the way your’re viewing it in Word? Are you perhaps using Read Mode or 2 page Print mode?

Thanks very much. I’ve corrected the problem using Zoom choices. So there doesn’t seem to be any choice I’ve made in Scrivener that would cause the problem in Word. I tried printing the document in Pages, but it’s even more maddening than Word. Thanks again.