Export error if <ID> text appears in document

I’m seeing the message

Export Error
The file could not be saved

along with the following dialog

The text in question is: [code]

The S3 ID is the value of the element.


It looks like the export is getting confused by the angle brackets. Is there a proper way to avoid this?

is treated as if it was XHTML, which it is not. That’s causing the problem (remember, Markdown, and therefore MultiMarkdown) is built around a text to HTML converter. So if you include raw HTML (valid or not) it is ignored, and can cause problems down the line (such as when your XHTML is invalid).

You have two options:

  • Use < ID> instead(note the space after the <)
  • Use <ID> instead (manually convert the < to <)

You don’t have to worry about ‘>’ characters