Export > Files... freezing?

I am attempting to use the Export > Files… feature to export what I can of my project data.

When I select more that one chapter to export, after a few seconds the progress bar stops moving and the Export process appears to freeze.

As reference, Exporting > Files… when used to export everything from the General Non-Fiction (LaTeX) project goes without a hitch.

Any thoughts on what might be interfering with the completion of Export > Files… would be appreciated.

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There are known bugs around the Export of files that make use of Styles.

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HI kewms,

Thanks for your feedback!

Admitting my own ignorance over Scrivener’s many features (in relation to my recent postings), I was actually trying to find out if I had overlooked the Export > Files… feature as a way to export Scrivener Styles … my bad!

As part of my education, a question: When I choose to select ‘Metadata’ as part of Export > File…, does that include Exporting the Styles Metadata?

Are you aware of any way I can still choose to Export > Files… ‘Metadata’ and have it not freeze?

My option is to make a copy of my project and one-by-one eliminate the custom Styles to see which Style causes it to freeze.

I’ll try to do a bit more testing to see if I can find what is causing it to freeze, but it may take a bit of time …

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Just curious. Any particular reason you are exporting rather than compiling?


Answer: Scrive is trying to create a compendium of the specifications for a large number of custom Styles.

Though as pointed out by Ioa in another thread, it is probably the LaTeXization of those styles established in his custom compile format that Scrive is after, not the appearance data in the Style definitions themselves, anyway.


Unfortunately, we have not been able to identify exactly what aspects of a style cause Export of a styled document to fail.

Styles are not part of the document metadata, they are part of the text itself.

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Apologies if this is not the best place for this response. I will try to be succinct. If anyone wishes a broader explanation, please let me know. I prepared a broader explanation of what I believe I am seeing, but I am not sure I am at the correct elevation to understand the image before me.

My use of Scrivener Styles is occurring for me as more than what is traditionally thought of as a Style. As gr describes:

With decades of experience as a writer/data warrior, gr may have a clearer picture of what I am seeing. I may need, however, to cleve in a paragraph or two to embellish the image.

My use of Scrivener Styles with LaTeX has amplified the importance of real estate on a page. For my intended readers, my ever expanding use of devices including (but not limited to) graphs, graphics, direct quotes, charts, physics, thermodynamic and mathematical equations, reaction mechanisms, chemistry, chemical reactions and a host of other illustrative devices to communicate, have created a competition with the very words that are traditionally used to communicate.

All those graphical devices are now jockeying for space on a page that heretofore was the sole domaine of those precious words we’ve used for many millennium to tell our stories. Not for all, but for many writers that competition for real estate may have just escalated, hopefully for the better. [1]

As we search for the tools we will need to frame stories that may have already been told countless times, our need to understand ourselves and communicate our behavior is paramount. Such re-telling of old stories exists within a new environmental data framework that we must understand if we are to face ourselves.

As Zelenskyy mentioned earlier today in his speech, we may need new tools to deal with the issues we are facing. Right behind our current dilemma is another far greater issue than many of us can even conceive of from where we are now.

And so, I guess I have unwittingly wandered into a new pasture where I don’t recognize what is growing in the field. I may need tools that we’ve not yet developed or even imagined to understand what is growing all around us.

The many devices that the combined Scrivener Styles + LaTeX enable are a crucial component in my attempt to message.

The urgency of my attempt to “create a compendium of the specifications for a large number of custom Styles” to manage and expand the connective link between Scrivener and LaTeX that Styles represents, cannot be understated. (Apologies for the passive tense.)

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[1] I fully recognize that this competition for real estate has been happening on the WWW for some time, but perhaps not so much for traditional writers for whom words are their stock and trade.