Export Files (Parents only)

I searched around, but I could not find an answer to this question. How can I export only parent files (and not their children)?

I would like to export a set of files to .rtf. However, I do not want to export their children (the files contained within them). When I highlight a set of files (or even one file), and export, I get a folder titled with that file’s title. Within that folder are a set of rtf files, including one with the tile and content of the file I am trying to export. What I want is a all of the files I selected (and only those I explicitly selected) in a single folder.

I looked for a setting in export preferences (something like "omit child folders on export) but could not find anything. I know I can move the files I want to someplace else and delete the child files, but then I need to do that folder maintenance every time I export these files. I thought that if I export from a collection (as those are flat), it might work. But, alas, it did not. I can sync that collection to a folder, but I already have syncing to an external folder set up for this project, so if I do that, then I will need to reset all the sync settings each time.

If there is currently no way to do this, may I suggest an “export only parent files” checkbox in the “Import & Export” preference panel or even better in the “Export Files” dialogue sheet.

Thanks! Having the Scrivener community to come to with questions like this makes it such a joy to use this app!

Right you are, there is no way of doing this without duplicating the folders you wish to export and then stripping out all of their child documents.

This is fortunately pretty easy to do:

  1. Select the containers you want to export
  2. Hit [b]Shift-Cmd-D[/b] to duplicate them (Documents/Duplicate/without Subdocuments)

Now you can export, and then delete the duplicated empties once done.

Update: Checklist fixed to depict the better method.

Or you could have used shift-cmd-D for Duplicate > without Subdocuments. :slight_smile:

I may consider adding an option in the future though.


That’s even better. :slight_smile: Always forget about that one. That command will also keep the original titles, so you don’t get the “Copy” bit after each name.

Thanks all. Good to know I was not missing anything obvious. Keith, a pref in a future update would be awesome.

I’m putting this comment here rather than starting a new thread.
Just discovered an oddity about exporting folders from Scrivener.
If a folder has a virgule (/) in the title, like Crime/Corruption,
The export folder is labeled Crime and within it is a folder labeled Corruption.
If I use a dash (-) as a separator, the export is normal; all files in one folder

Hi druid, this has already been fixed for 2.1 (it’s caused by the forward slash being used as a path separator), thanks.

All the best,