Export Files

The count of folders & documents to export is off:


But what’s actually exported is:


It is exporting the correct amount, as I had 350 files + 34 container folders, just the count is off for some reason. I don’t recall the count having been wrong last week, might it be counting all the synopses that I just added?

Additionally, for each of those 34 folders, it also exports a 0 byte RTF file of that name. So, say I had a Q1 folder, inside it would be whatever TXT docs that should be there, plus a Q1.RTF file that’s 0 bytes.

Fortunately those are easy enough to get rid of again, just do a quick search in Windows then delete, but is that the correct behaviour?

When you exported, did you have a single folder selected in the binder (to export it and its subitems) or did you have a multiple selection for export? I can reproduce the large discrepancy in the latter case; in the former, it only seems to occur when selecting a special folder (Draft or Research), as there’s a text file generated for that root item which Scrivener isn’t counting. That item (and any empty file for a folder or document group without text) shouldn’t really be generated, no; it’s on the list to be refined.

Ah, that’s it, yeah the selection makes all the difference.

I just tested with one group of files - Interview 14, which has 460 subdocuments and 36 subfolders.

If I select just the Interview 14 folder in the binder it says 37 folders and 498 files.

If I do a shift+select of just the contents of the Interview 14 folder it says 36 & 497.

If that selection includes the Interview 14 folder itself then the count goes up to 73 & 537.

If I do View | Outline | Expand All and then select, the count goes to 36 & 955.

I think when I exported previously, I was in Outline view with everything expanded and I did Ctrl+A first to make sure I had everything selected.