Export folder as list / table of contents?

I find the folders make organizing large documents easier. But I’d love to able to share these outlines (folder and file name titles) with others. Is this possible?

Here’s what I’d do. I’d actually create an outline in the Editor window (select the Draft folder, then View > Outline, and check that it contains the information I think it should). Then File > Page Setup… and in the Settings window of the pane that appears, select Scrivener. At the foot of that pane on the right, a button will now appear labelled Options…: press that. Then, in the pane that appears, press Outlines two-thirds of the way down it, and check the information that you want to see in your printed version in the list below. Press OK to dismiss that pane, and OK again to dismiss the previous one. Finally go to File > Print Current Document and save the file to PDF (in the drop down list on the bottom left, headed PDF), and you’ll have a document you can share with others.

Another designed approach is to use the compiler, as it will naturally exclude anything not a part of the draft outline—for example if you keep note files in your Draft with the “Include in Compile” checkbox disabled, they will not appear in a compiled outline by default, only those pieces significant to the final output will be included. In fact we include a few samples for compiling outlines and “reports”. If you have already made extensive modifications to your compile settings, you should save them as a project preset first (you’ll find preset management in the “Format As” drop-down menu). After you have your settings saved, try the Enumerated Outline preset; just compile to Print or PDF if you are unsure. If you want to adjust how it looks, you’ll find the outline formatting is all set up in the Formatting compile option pane.