Export for e-publishing

I’m interested in publishing my own work on line and I bought a small book about it. The book recommends Scrivener but warns that it is not possible to export in epub or mobi formats in the windows version of Scrivener. Before I buy it can someone tell me if that is still the case.

The Windows version of Scrivener can compile both to .epub and (using Amazon’s Kindlegen tool) to .mobi. It’s compiler isn’t quite as powerful yet as the Mac version’s, so you may find your reference book describes features or options not in the Windows version, such as creating a custom table of contents (Scrivener on Windows automatically generates the TOC for ebooks based on the section breaks). If you find that the formatting you want isn’t entirely possible on Windows, Sigil is an excellent free tool for editing epubs, so you could always compile to epub from Scrivener and then do your final tweaking there, then convert to .mobi as necessary by simply opening the updated file in Amazon’s Kindle Previewer, which will automatically create a .mobi copy.

I’d highly recommend downloading the free trial of Scrivener, good for thirty days of actual use. That should give you time to play around with it a bit and take a firsthand look at the compile options with time to go through the tutorial and explore the manual for the abilities you’re particularly interested in. Keep in mind that Scrivener’s purpose is as a drafting tool, not an ebook publisher, so the focus is on writing your book. If you already have the final draft of your work and are looking simply to convert it to ebook formats, Scrivener may not be quite what you’re after unless you’re planning to use it for more writing in the future.

Thanks Jennifer, I have now bought scrivener for windows and been playing around with it including compiling to .epub and .mobi.
Thanks again

I was planning on using the Scrivener compile function to prepare my novel for Kindle e-book as well as the Creatspace print version. I don’t know if it’s a complex process, but the function is there so why not?

However, I now have a copy editor and a proofreader that need to work in Word format. I’ve provided that, but am wondering what the next step should be, once they are done.
Is it worth it to import back into Scrivener, and then compile from there? Do I need to re-do all my chapter and scene breaks then?
Or am I just better to use the Kindle/Creatspace guidelines and format using the Word copy?