Export from Windows to dropbox and import to Mac

i have used a trial version on Windows. Now i have bought a Mac and pay for the Mac version.

I have my novels in the Windows trail version. I have export the novel to dropbox. Closed everything and now trying to import the file from dropbox in to Scrivener but it´s not working. What am i doing wrong?

Please help, it will be a lot of work trying to copy the text to my Mac :frowning:

Kind regards


Hello Susanne,

I’ve sent you some help in response to the support email you sent, but just in case you check here first, I am copying it here:

When you copy the Windows project, you must copy the entire project, starting with the folder that had the .scriv extension. When you go to open this on your Mac, first make sure that it has copied completely from dropbox (you should see a green checkmark). At this point, what was a folder on Windows should be a file on the Mac (the technical term for this is a package), and you should just be able to double-click this file to open it in Scrivener.

However, if for any reason the package still appears as a folder, open the folder and you should see a file with a .scrivx extension. Double-click on this file and it should open in Scrivener, and the folder should be properly converted into a package.

Hope this helps!


Hi Jeff

thanks for a fast fast replay :slight_smile: and excellent service!

I did´nt no what a did but the folder pop-up in Scrivener at last.

I save your advice in my notes.

Kind regards.

(a customer that absolutley LOVE scrivener)