Export PDF does not include footnotes

File>Export does not include footnotes when exporting as PDF. “Remove footnotes” is not checked. Please advise.

Thanks for catching the bug with the default PDF converters! Do you have Microsoft 2007-2013 installed? If so, you can fix this by going into Tools > Options and clicking the Import/Export tab, then selecting “Export Converters” and choosing “PDF” from the left menu and “Microsoft Office” from the right.

Alternatively, rather than using File > Export, you could compile to PDF. Footnotes are correctly preserved there with both PDF converters, so you can simply deselect “Include in Compile” for the items you don’t want, or create a collection that includes just the file you want to export as PDF and select that collection in the compile Contents drop-down. (You could even do this by searching for the item’s specific title so it is the only item in search results, then selecting to compile the search results collection.)