Export plaintext maintaing folder hierarchy

I managed to do this (or at least I think I did!) a few months back and am having trouble figuring-out how I did it.

What I want to do is export a scrivener project into a folder, with a matching subfolder for each folder in the project, while keeping all of the text documents separate. In other words, keeping everything in exactly the same order/hierarchy as within the project. I want to do this for ease-of-access on other operating systems. I’ve noticed that I can just open a .scriv in windows, for example, but none of the folder or document titles are maintained.

Any ideas?

nevermind I got it :slight_smile: Highlight everything in the binder, and then export->Files… :blush:

That’s the function! And yes, doing that is much preferable to editing the Scriv file directly. Doing so can cause issues later on when you open it again in Scrivener.