Export/Print - Everything comes up BLANK?

I’ve been using the corkboard feature to structure a screenplay, as I would with a real index cards.

I now want to export it, either to Final Draft or Word or even as plain text, but I’ve tried every variation of Export formats in Compile Screenplay, also the Export feature under ‘File’ and even printing, and everything comes out blank, as if there was nothing in the Scrivener document to be exported.

I’m using Scrivener 1.5 and running Mac OS 10.5.6. I’m trying to import into Final Draft 7.1.3.

I’ve tried searching the forum to see if anyone else has had this problem, but to no avail.

Thanks in advance.

Given that index cards display the synopses, have you ensured in Compile Draft that you have selected titles and synopses to be included in the export/print?
All the best,

Of course I hadn’t!

Thank you.

PS Over the years I’ve tried lots of software designed to help writing and invariably they always ended up getting in the way of the process… until Scrivener! I love its simplicity. You have done an amazing job.

I like the easy ones. :slight_smile: Glad that solve it! And many thanks for your kind words about Scrivener - much appreciated.
All the best,