Export scenes only (not index card summary) to Final Draft

Hi there,

I’ve looked at the options but couldn’t find a way to do this, even with the filters.

What I want is to export a screenplay to final draft, but only with the scenes (scrivenings), not with the summary/outline/index cards content, as these are for me and not for my producers.

Is it possible to do this during the export process, or do I have to delete manually all the text in index card mode in Final Draft to get rid of the info I don’t want to share (as it’s not part of the script itself)?

Thanks for your help!


No, there’s no way of doing this at present - synopses always go across with the FD export. To tell you the truth, this has never come up as an issue before, but I can see why you might want this as an option. I’ve added this to the list as something to add to the Compile options, therefore. In the meantime, the only way is to delete the synopses in Final Draft.

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That’s great, thanks for the quick reply!

Hi Keith,

Just checking if there was any chance to see this implemented soon…



Hi there,

I’ve looked for this in 2.4, but it doesn’t seem to be there (I looked in the release changes and in the complie options).

Did I miss it, or do we still have a chance to see this in a future release?



Yes, this has been added in 2.4; it’s listed under the compile changes. There are checkboxes in the options for Script Settings during compile to “Include document titles as scene titles” and “Include document synopses as scene summaries”.

You are right, I missed it.
I tested it and it works great, thanks a lot for implementing this, it will save me tons of time at my next delivery.