export script to fdx 2016

I can’t get my head around something here.
I have a scrivener project for a script that I have been a working on for a few years now. I have four versions of the script in the project. I would like to export the latest one to FD to clean it up.
I selection the script version I want to export, go to files>export and then choose fdx to my desktop. Then all I get is a folder with all the scenes as separate files.
Not what I was hoping for. I want the script exported as a .fdx script.
I am obviously missing something here but can’t figure out what.
Any help for me?

(I searched the topic on here but all the comments are from 2011)

It sounds like you’re looking for the File/Compile… feature. From there you can set the format to FDX, and you’ll get some options for how to construct the file. The result will be a single .fdx document.

Export is more for backing up a “hard copy” of the binder files.

Thanks. I see the difference now. Got it all up and running.
Thanks again