Export Scrivener Manuscript/project to One Word document


When I export my project to Word, it creates separate documents for each chapter. However, I am trying to import into one Word file only. Can Scrivener support this? I really do not want to 30 plus documents for each chapter. Please help.


It sounds like maybe you need to use Compile (also in the File menu) rather than Export, is that what you mean? The latter is more for backing up your binder to files on the disk, the former is for creating one single document from the Draft outline.

  1. Highlight the correct document in Scrivener’s Binder view.
  2. Click File > Export > Files.
  3. Choose a location to save your exported file and choose a document name (if you want to change it for some reason).
  4. In the “Export text files as:” drop-down menu, choose your file type.

Um, no. This is not what the OP wants. They want one document containing the text from all files. And this is done, as AmberV sugessted, by compiling.

psmall57, you can find more about compiling in Chapter 23 of Scrivener’s manual.

Hello, has this been resolved? I am facing a similar challange

There was nothing to resolve, unless you haven’t followed the advice in this thread I suppose. It is actually impossible to end up with many files if you use the compiler. :slight_smile:

I have the same problem as the OP.

Once I compile, Scrivener gives me the option of saving as a PDF file, or a PostScript file, or sending to the printer.

File/Export Files gives me a dozen Word documents.

The company I’m submitting my manuscript to is asking for a single Word document for the whole manuscript.

Is there a way to generate a single word document containing the whole manuscript?

Ah! I’ve found the answer.

  • Choose File/Compile
  • Choose “Microsoft Word” rather than “Print” in the dropdown list at the top
  • Press the Compile button
  • ???
  • Profit!

Have you done the built-in interactive tutorial? If not, do it. In the tutorial Compile is explained. There is also a whole chapter on the compile function in the manual.

I just had the same problem and could not save my Draft as a single manuscript. It only saved chapters. After several tries, I noticed that at the top of the Compile For: it said Print rather than Microsoft Word. Voila. Problem solved.