Export to a specific Word template?

When I submit documents to certain clients, it needs to be in Word with certain standard headers and footers. Right now I don’t see a way to do this other than exporting, than opening a new Word doc using the template I need and pasting the exported text from the export-created Word doc into the one with the right template. Any other solutions?

This is exactly the question that I also have.
I am facing the same problem.
I am responsible for co-writing entire chapters within large company-structured word documents.
I would like to be able to have Scrivener output while ‘linking’ towards the style document that contains all the company or client based formatting (Word)styles.
Currently the word generated export of Scrivener still has to be edited in word (or copy/pasted into the client based Wordformat in order to fully comply with the styling that is mandatory cliënt based in Word.
(Or: I have to copy past but ALSO every time make small adjustments when delivering my co-writing material part)

Any help appreciated!

The closest you could come would be to (in Scrivener) use named styles that match the ones in your Word stylesheet. Assigning the relevant template to your output document (in Word) should “just work,” updating the styled texts to match the template.

This is really a Word support question, though, not a Scrivener question. “How do I update a DOCX file to use a pre-existing template?” Beyond assigning appropriately named styles, Scrivener really has no understanding of the inner workings of Word.

(Note that the OP’s question pre-dated the current version of Scrivener by quite a bit. Among other things, true styles are a Scrivener 3 feature.)

If you’re able and willing to use MMD + Pandoc and configure it to work with Scrivener, then Pandoc can take a template word document and apply its styles and other settings to the final document it outputs.

It’s not an easy thing to set up, and I’ve not actually done it myself, but I have experimented with MMD → DOCX + Word Template, and that part works pretty well. There are some limitations (I couldn’t figure out how to put the title of the document in the header of every page, for instance), but if you can configure that, and you can get Scrivener (via it’s MMD compile feature) to run pandoc with all the right command line options, then you get what you’re after.

Would you please consider in writing in a seperate post how you would setup MMD + Pandoc to perform such a task please?