Export to file prompts using wrong filename, truncates at first period


If we drag and drop a document called Let’s see. Will this work or won’t it? into a folder, Scrivener will strip the characters that cannot be used in filenames, creating Let’s see. Will this work or won’t it.rtf .

When we Export the same file to the same folder, Scrivener prompts that it’s about to save to that same filename. When we confirm and click Export, Scrivener properly warns us if the file already exists.

But the file it then creates has its name truncated at the first stop or period; it’s Let’s see.rtf . Scriv needlessly deletes Let’s see. Will this work or won’t it.rtf . If we export the same again, Scriv finds no file by the prompted name, and overwrites Let’s see.rtf without warning us that the file already exists. Definite bug.

In sum: Export prompts and warns using the same filename as drag and drop would, but it actually creates files whose names are truncated at their first period, so U.S. Life Expectancy Declines, and Researchers Are Puzzled is exported as U.rtf . In fact multiple U.rtf files could be created and immediately overwritten without warning in a single export.

Best if Export follows the same naming rules as Drag and Drop, but vital that the prompts and warnings match the filenames to be created.

Thanks for taking a look!