Export to Microsoft Word turns Everything Into Italics

Each of my chapters is saved as a separate file. After completing a chapter, I export it to Word to send to someone for review. I just tried to export to Word and all of the text is in italics. Some of the text (almost the entire second half) is, in fact, in italics, but the export made everything into italics. I have never had this happen before. Any thoughts on what is going on and how I can fix it?

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Some additional information. It seems that at a certain length, the import changes to all italics. Basically, this is a document where the first half or so is not in italics and the second half is entirely in italics. I tried eliminate the italics in the second half and then adding them in paragraph by paragraph. After each new italicized paragraph, I tried to export. It exported successfully until I reached about 3 paragraphs from the end. At that point, when it exported, it changed everything to italics (i.e., even the beginning half whcih was not italicized).

Some people have better luck with the export to RTF format, which is easily read by Microsoft Word. If you need a DOCX Word file, compile to RTF then open that file in Word to SaveAs a DOCX file. May get you quickly over this hump.

Thank you. I just tried this and had some success. And just to spell it all out in case anyone else experiemce this issue or something similar: I exported the file as Rich Text (.rtf) instead of as a Microsoft Word file (.docx). I then opened Word and opened the .rtf file in Word. The formatting was perfect – no incorrect italics. I then saved the file as a .docx file using the Word program. Also, no issues.

Thank you for taking the time to read my post and offer some advice. I am grateful for the assistance.

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