Export to PDF , the notes decreasing in length

After the recent scapple update , when I export a file to PDF format , the length of many notes decrease and overflow in the next line , completely changing the look of the export . Could you please look into it by testing it yourself . If you need me to send screenshots of the same , please let me know and I will do so .

Ok, here to post an example of what I meant in reporting this bug . Please see the three attachments with this post including one original scapple file and two exports , in PNG and PDF format . As can be seen , in the pdf export , the letters/words, overflow to next line in PDF export as can be seen in this pdf export
[attachment=0]test-pdf export.pdf[/attachment]
[attachment=1]test-png export.png[/attachment]

Thanks for the report. You may notice when creating brand new boards, that the amount of padding between the edge of the note and the text has been slightly increased. In a setup like this where there is no border, you wouldn’t really notice that, but when comparing older boards to new ones, it should be fairly obvious.

Old boards have their existing padding amount protected, as a form of backward compatibility, as otherwise you could find whole layouts damaged by the change. That the board looks fine before you print it is proof of that—but unfortunately it looks like that compatibility layer was omitted for printing/export!

By the way, you could get around the bug for now by “upgrading” your board. Make a new one from scratch and drag and drop the notes over into it. You’ll note the wrapping problem immediately, just like in the PDF—you can use the Notes ▸ Auto-Fit command to clean up most cases automatically.

Thanks so much for the reply. Although, note->auto fit command didn’t solve the problem for me (only exacerbated it even more :slight_smile:), the understanding about new and old boards helped and I can now make new boards without any issues in the exported PDF.

Also, the fact that you are aware of this issue is reassuring and am sure you will rectify it in your next update as you have always done. Minor issues with updates is not so much of an issue as is the lack of support and I have never found you wanting in this respect. Thanks for always standing by your product. It reassures dedicated L&L customers like us, that we can keep on working on your softwares without anything to worry about :slight_smile:.

Oh, by the way, the option to add a solid line by simple dragging of one note into another , although minor is a significant improvement. Thanks for constantly improving scapple without changing its overall simplicity :slight_smile:.

Thanks for the kind words! Glad you were able to get it fixed with a little adjustment.

I’m having this problem, too. I have used Scapple to do visual sorting and diagramming for a qualitative study that is part of my doctoral dissertation. The board has upwards of 1,000 notes, so I’m disinclined to create a new board.

The PNG export works fine:
[attachment=2]bipolar-codes-sorted-38.png 2021-01-27 19-33-46.png[/attachment]

PDF, however, is another matter:
[attachment=1]bipolar-codes-sorted-38.pdf (page 1 of 1) 2021-01-27 19-34-44.png[/attachment]

An overview of the exported board, to contextualize the scope of the issue (above regions are in the pink box):
[attachment=0]bipolar-codes-sorted-38.png 2021-01-27 19-36-34.png[/attachment]

Any suggestions or fixes on the way?
(Alternatively, any way I can downgrade to a version where I won’t have this problem? I believe I bought directly from L&L.)


The fix was mentioned here.

I’d understand you not wanting to use it though, for something that large and tightly designed.

Yeah, I guess I’m

  1. making a feature request to support PDF rendering for docs in the prior format, or
  2. asking for a less laborious workaround, like a link to a prior version of the software before the change was implemented.


L&L kindly provides links to previous versions of software via the Release Notes page:

literatureandlatte.com/scap … s?os=macOS

Aha! Thanks. :smiling_face:

Oh sure, to be clear this is a bug, and it will be fixed.

I have this same issue, the only solution seems to be to go and reformat (manually resize) all my documents. Auto fit makes the notes too long and they overlap so not an option. Very frustrating as it is the opposite of what Scapple has always been for me - quick, easy, focus on getting work done.

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Yes , this is the exact issue I am still undergoing . The quick and easy scapple turns into a nightmare when working with older files . I hope , wish and request the developers to come up with a fix asap.

Hi- I’m having some trouble with formatting issues when trying to export as pdf, or print Scapple documents. Whenever I try to export it as a PDF or print the document I’ve created, the formatting is way off. The Scapple note balloons overlap each other and obscure each other’s text even though they are perfectly ordered on the actual file. I don’t know why this is happening can somebody help?