Export with annotations?

Hello, I am using & loving Scrivener. It’s really great for just, getting it all out. However, my co-author and I collaborate with google docs. When I export a single file, I can’t figure out how to get the inline footnotes and annotations to be included so he can see them as that (rather, they seem to be exported as plain text, which is confusing). How can I export my writing so he can see it with the annotations in google docs? Help! Thanks 8)


If no one answers it’s usually because no user with similar problem/solution has visited the user forum since your post.

Permit me to think out loud. I am not co authoring though I like the concept. I export from Scrivener but I tend to manually add headers and footers to the exported MSWord doco. But if your co author also uses Scrivener, perhaps you can simply share a Scrivener file … warts and all. Good luck.

Scrivener will preserve inline annotations and footnotes when compiling to either Word or RTF format. (Note, compiling, not exporting.) What happens after that is a question for Google Docs.


Hm, but even in .rtf, I’m getting them just as normal text rather than annotated in any way.