Exporting a Euro symbol to Final Draft

Hi I wonder if anyone can help. Despite me thinking everything was robust with the new Scrivener - Final Draft 8 integration I have found a potentially serious issue - the Euro symbol works fine in Scrivener (even using the Courier Final Draft font bizarrely) but when it imports to Final Draft the symbol has become the international currency symbol.

I’ve tried FDs help pages and found this:
kb.instantservice.com/iskb/Searc … eID=181301

Which directs me to this:

Which is informative but doesn’t really help me (I don’t understand how a Unicode symbol can be one thing one minute and something else the next - doesn’t that sort of defeat the purpose?)

Strangely switching the font I use in Final Draft to any other type of Courier (MM Screenwriter for example) gives me the Euro symbol just fine. Should I just set FD to always use MMs font or are there forseable problems with that such as sharing fdx documents with others?

Any advice and opinions welcome.


(I have emailed FD tech support but I think it’s 3am there now.)

In case anyone is interested; it appears the weirdness is an Apple quirk. Here’s the FD tech reply:

So… let’s see what happens with Snow Leopard I guess.