Exporting Book's Binder Into PDF

I need help.

I have completed a book that is in a Binder and has hundreds of files. I export it into a .PDF to my desktop, Yet, when I got to open the folder it is all saved as ‘separate files’ ? I need to export my binder/pages into a .PDF and have it all saved as one document, so that when I open it, it is in book form, like page , 1-200 as an example.

Can someone please direct me and tell me how to export all files from my binder into one .PDF file , so that when I open it , it is all together. I am trying to upload my book to self-publish. Let me know, Thank you all in advance for all your help and time.


So the functionality you are looking for is called Compile, not export. Compiling a document is where Scrivener takes all of the various component document and stitches them all together into a single output document, and applies several preset overrides (for example making fonts and other formatting consistent, etc. – potentially making your document look completely different than how it look in the editor) throughout so everything is consistent.

If you haven’t created a tutorial project, you should do so and take the time to work through the tutorial – it should have a section on the basics of compiling. And then, you can also open up the Scrivener manual PDF from your Help menu, look through the table of contents, and go read the chapters that discuss compilation in more depth. Then head on back here with specific questions.

I will look into and see what I can. Very helpful! Thank you.

Devin, or Anyone else who may be able to help,

I need to know what steps to take to make this happen:

I have each file in my binder - prologue, dedication, table of contents,( Chapter Name and Number) - as one page, then another new page with the “Poem” then another new page with 'Poem" , "then next chapter with title and number, and so on and so forth.

I want to compile this in a way ,PDF or .DOCX - that actually makes it into 1 page each, just as I have one file (page) each in the binder. I do not want to compile and have three poems on one page, when it suppose to be one poem each and every page separated . I wrote a poetry book, how do I compile where it keeps everything on their own page? let me know if someone can help and I can explain more clearly if you need, to understand what I am looking to accomplish.

Please let me know asap, be a huge help.

Thanks ;in advance.

You are going to want to open a new interactive Tutorial project and work through the section on compilation to get the basics down. Then, hit F1 from within Scrivener to open the manual and find the section on compiling. Basically, you’re going to need to set up your compile format so that it sees each of the documents as something to add a separate page break to, instead of separate scenes that can flow sequentially on the same pages.

Devin, your awesome! All this is makes sense. Absolutely perfect, I will take and look and learn about the tutorial and the pdf help topic on compiling. I am sure the answers I seek are contained therein. Thank you. :smiley: