Exporting chapters from a manuscript

I posted a similar question in the Technical Support:
but just to find a workaround to something that I think could be implemented.

I believe that it is quite common in Scrivener to use the following approach:
folder=chapter, document=scene; while in MS Word scenario, the approach being document=chapter.
This usage is for example suggested in David Hewson’s book.

Since it is fairly common to send out ms word manuscripts, and in order to do it nicely you need to break down the whole manuscript.doc (or manuscript.rtf) into several chapter_##.doc, I think it would be a great implementation of Scrivener if this export process could be added to your software.

I mean to export or compile the whole manuscript so that the final result is a series of documents each of one is a single chapter of the manuscript.


I don’t know the publishing convention in Italy, but for the U.S. this one-file-per-chapter approach is very much past-tense. Everyone I know now prefers a single Word file, with everything in it except for the cover letter.

If you do want this, though, the new compile type for iBooks Author will do just this, using .docx files rather than .doc:

This will be in the next update (2.3), but you could download the latest beta from the forum to test it out if you like.

I had hoped to suggest you guys something original!
Now I have to think at something else :wink: