Exporting documents with embedded images

I’ve found that there are three reliable ways to export drafts with embedded images: RTFD, Webarchive, or PDF (via print).

These all work well, but unfortunately none of them can be imported into Office documents (OpenOffice or Word, as far as I can tell, though I admit to not having spent much time with the latter) for fine-grained formatting.

Does anyone have any suggestions for getting such a draft into OpenOffice or Word without either a) moving the images manually or b) importing into a third, RTFD-aware application and exporting to an Office-friendly format?

Any reason you don’t just use RTF? In Scrivener, images get included in the text when you export as RTF. They won’t show up if you open the generated RTF file in TextEdit, but they will if you open it in Word, Nisus, Mellel, etc. I specificaly spent a lot of time writing my own code to embed images in Apple’s RTF code so that you could export RTF documents to Word that included images…

Because I thought it wouldn’t work after originally trying it in TextEdit :slight_smile:

Works like a charm in OpenOffice – thanks!

edf, here is another little trick that might serve you well at some time. Try dragging the image to the desktop first then drag it to the destination you had in mind. Works for ALMOST all images and all applications. It bypasses the export and import restrictions of most applications.


Restrictions which Scrivener doesn’t have! :slight_smile:

I’ve been opening images and PDFs in preview, then dragging from the title bar. This works particularly well with stuff stored in DevonThink.

I avoid using the desktop as much as possible. It offends the UNIX in me :slight_smile: