Exporting/dragging binder images to the Finder

I have a bunch of image files in my Research folder, and have been using placeholders to refer to them in my Drafts. But it’s getting unwieldy and I’d prefer the flexibility of linked images, i.e. having them in an external Finder folder and then using the placeholders to refer to those external files.

The trouble is I can’t figure out how to get the image files out of the Binder. Dragging and dropping to a Finder folder doesn’t seem to do anything, whether I do one image at a time or multiple ones, and I can’t find a command within Scrivener to show me where the files exist.

Thanks for your help!

You should just be able to select the images in the Binder, then use File > Export > Files and choose the folder where you want them to be saved.

You’ll see there’s a comment in the dialogue that ‘non-text’ files will be saved to their original format, which is what you want here, I think.


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That worked great. Thank you!

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