Exporting files in Scene order ... How?

greetings everyone!

I have a chapter folder with 27 scenes (text documents) in it. They use the first line of the scene for their titles. They are in the order they should be in.

When I export the folder, the finder alphabetizes the files which makes the chapter content WAAAAAY out of order.

OK … so I should title my scenes A- B- C- etc. or something like that. IS that the only way? Because …

If I title them like that and then move them around, the amount of renaming just seems too stupid to believe.

What am I missing here?

version 1.0.3
os x 10.5.1 PPC

Why are you exporting them as separate scenes? Is there any reason you aren’t using Compile Draft?

We wanted to send the files split into scenes to someone so they could get a visual grasp of the flow (not having scrivener to do it for them), and perform edits individually and send back.

Thanks for the quick response. Shall I take it as a “no”?

also searching for “compile” in the help returned nothing. Did you mean “Export as Manuscript”?

Compile Draft is the new name for Export Draft. You need to update to the latest version. Obviously Scrivener cannot affect how Finder sorts your files - Scrivener is designed to compile everything into a longer document when you are ready. You could send them the chapter compiled via Compile Draft and then cut it up again using Split at Selection when they send it back to you. That would probably give them a better idea of the flow.

‘Export as Manuscript’ became ‘Compile Draft’ in Scrivener 1.1 - I do suggest you update because it’s really quite excellent, and free if you own 1.0 :slight_smile:

As to your issue, the way you want to do things is really beyond Scrivener’s control - once they’re exported as text files, how OSX sorts them is OSX’s issue. If you really desperately need them sorted without modifying the contents, I suggest using your alphabetical (or numerical) scheme in the file metadata (label). Then, sort them by label in Finder. Mind you, this means your target someone has to have OSX and the ability to sort by metadata.

I understand what you are saying. I’m trying to help someone who doesn’t. But I do understand exactly what and why they want what they want and why they don’t understand why they don’t get it.

allow me to digress … I have noticed this a lot more with new computer users. With Apple ‘unified’ look and the Finder makeover, some people find it harder to distinguish between the Finder and an Application.

So my friend says “It looks like THIS here, why does it look like THAT there!”
Me: “The Finder sorts by alpha”
Her: “Why doesn’t it sort it like that here?”
Me: “ummmm…”

ps - I was thinking of some feature that would … uh … I tried putting <$n> at the beginning of each scene title. Didn’t work, but that’s what I was hoping for.

I’ll mention the upgrade

Thanks again.

Fair enough.

<$n> won’t affect the file name on binder export, I don’t think at least.

In the same situation, though, I’d probably eschew the idea of having it in separate files - if you use <$n> in your chapter headings, exporting it as a single draft will number them correctly, then your friend could just, say, tell you that they’d edited Chapter 6 (or if they’re in word/Pages, leave a file comment)

The best solution being that your friend is on a Mac, I have to say, is getting them Scrivener. If they’re in the same household as you, you can even install it for them and use your own license. What you’re trying to do is simulate the behaviour of a very specific writing app with…no writing app. Rather than trying to simulate it or find a simple way of explaining why things are different…do them a favour and make it the same :smiley:

my friend has scrivener. she lives in utah. she thought computers would make her novel writing easier

i’m in san francisco. she shares her screen with me (go leopard!)

she wants to send the files to someone in oregon

we may need to get him scrivener

thank you again for your time and interest


If this guy in Oregon, is a Portlander, He`ll have to pay double for Scriv, and bring a big bag of waffles with him when he comes on board the Good Ship Scrivener.

Portlanders!! jeezz! we wont be able to move for `em in a bit.

Oh…welcome to Scriv sitenoise :laughing:

Take care


Thanks for the welcome.

Seems like a nice place (a place where the engineer of the program answers questions, rapid fire. wow) but I’m not a scrivenator, just technical support.

I did move here from Portland, though.

looks like the rest of us are gonna have to come to terms with the fact that: Portland is the centre of the, Known Universe :laughing: