Exporting Footnotes to Word - Word won't keep lines together

Hi all,

I am struggling with the footnote feature in Scrivener 3.
When I compile and export to a word doc, the footnotes are all there. However, they are do not run continuously or stay together, so a footnote that is long will be split across two pages, instead of staying on the page it started on.

I know how to fix this issue in Word, but it does not work on Scrivener compiled documents. I believe this issue is thus caused by Scrivener and any help would be appreciated. I’m writing a PhD dissertation and have hundreds of notes that need to be kept on the correct pages.

Also, the footnotes always export as being indented. Is there a way to export them as not indented?


At a quick guess, your footnotes are breaking because you are using carriage returns in them in Scriv. When you type footnotes in Word, you need to use a shift-return to make a single paragraph with a visual linebreak. So, you need to do the equivalent in your Scriv footnotes in order to prepare for this. I think in Scriv the linebreak is cmd-return.


I do find sorting out footnotes when I get to Word fidgety, as for some reason Scriv does not export them with the Word-standard character and paragraph styling, so they do not automatically take on the look of those styles as specified in my Normal template. This explains why you are not seeing your preferred footnote paragraph formatting.

(I find that an exported Scriv doc does not generally seem to actually properly engage my Normal template — the pop-up menu of styles only shows styles generated by the Sciv compile to Word, not my Normal template regulars, so I always end up Selecting All and copying the compiled content over to a fresh new Word doc — which will have all my normal styles set. Don’t know if this will help anything in your case.)


Of course, Word will always make judgements about where to put footnotes and when to break long ones across pages, all in an effort to start the footnote on the same page as the place where the footnote reference is. Lots of long footnotes can challenge its ability to do this competently. Some of what you see may just be Word struggling with the depth of your scholarship.

FWIW, the keyboard shortcut for a linebreak in Scrivener is ctrl-retun. Hope this helps.