Exporting from Scrivener to pdf with footnotes

How can I export a file from Scrivener to pdf while retaining clickable footnotes? I’ve written a manual in Word 2010 with massive footnotes. These work well when the imported Word file is compiled in Scrivener for Kindle. Readers just have to touch a Footnote mark and a Footnote panel opens. But when I compile the same file in Scrivener as a pdf the Footnotes appear as non-clickable inline comments, which wrecks the presentation.

I’m sure that Adobe XI or Frame Maker could produce pdfs with clickable (internally hyperlinked) footnotes direct from Word documents but their expense is untenable for a one-off project.

I’m using Scrivener 1.6.10, being terrified (as a non-techie) to install the new version. Is that part of the problem?

This looks like it was all dealt with here: plus.google.com/107150896621253 … JcX1Yf3FKH

In short, the PDF converters for Scrivener produce the footnotes as endnotes (not inline, so I’m still not sure what’s going on with that unless they were accidentally converted to inspector comments rather than inspector footnotes) but they aren’t hyperlinked. Sounds like you were able to do this using OpenOffice as a middleman, so that’s good to know!

Thanks, Jennifer. It’s good to know that your real name is MimeticMouton. Yes, the topic was roundly dealt with at Google+. But OpenOffice still does not produce clickable endnotes. I shall experiment with using Scrivener to export Inspector comments to Word, where at least the comments might appear as tasteful blobs in a sidebar. (No, it probably won’t work.) We soldier on…

Annotations and comments exported to RTF, DOC and DOCX can be handled as RTF comments, which will appear as tasteful blobs when opened in Word. :slight_smile: The Footnotes/Comments pane in the compile dialog lets you choose how to export the annotations and comments for these formats, with RTF comments as the default.