Exporting index cards content to Final Draft

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As this is my first post here, I’ll say hello and well done for the software which I really enjoy using.

One question (urgent, as usual!), I’ve populated a series of scenes using index cards, but when I export to final draft I can’t see any way to export the content of the index cards (synopsis + title) as scenes to Final Draft. I guess it exports scrivenings, which are empty and therefore I get an empty final draft document.

Is there a way to export index cards titles+ synopsis into final draft, or to copy the synopsis+titles into the scrivenings?

I don’t really see doing this manually as an option…

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Just noticed that the content of the index cards is partially exported.
The sysnopsis end up in the index cards view in final draft, but the titles are lost.

So I guess I need to rephrase my question:

Is there a way to copy synopsis from the index cards into scrivenings before export in scrivener, and is there an option to copy the titles of the index cards as well, and/or does any one know how to move the content of the index cards into scene in the final draft document?


Both titles and synopses already get exported, as long as you have written one-scene-per-document (because Final Draft shows a card per scene):

Note that in Final Draft, titles appear in the navigator pane - FD’s index card view doesn’t show titles at the top of index cards.

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Thanks, but as I said earlier I noticed they were exported, only they are exported as summaries in the index card view, not as scenes.

Although this makes complete sense, my revised question is “is there a way to convert index cards into scrivenings so that the summaries become the draft for the scenes”.

I don’t know if it’s possible to do something like this in scrivener, but I got an answer from Final Draft to do it once I’m in Final Draft forum.finaldraft.com/final_draft … ly_7465776

Unfortunately if it’s not possible to do the same in Scrivener I’ll just have to move to Final Draft earlier in the process and convert each card manually into a scene using the “send to script” command.

Thanks again for your help.

Ah, sorry - I thought your main problem was titles not showing. But in your case you want to select the documents and use Documents > Append Synopses to Main Text.

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That’s great, thanks, I’ll try this tomorrow!

I tried it, it works but when when I export in FD the format isn’t right (not courrier, no scene headers).

So I think I’ll compile the index cards and will move to script in FD.

Thans again for your help.