Exporting Japanese footnotes to RTF


The problem here is that RTF is a 7-bit format, and internally it has to do a lot of stuff to represent these characters. In the footnotes and annotations in Scrivener, Scrivener has to try to insert all of this stuff directly into the RTF stream. Because it has to do this using ASCII, a lot of international letters can get lost (anything not supported by ASCII). To try to get around this, I have tried changing my alterations to the RTF stream to use UTF8. Apparently RTF does support unicode escape sequences, so this should solve the problem, we’ll see. It may cause issues when you try to open an RTF file using these characters in a program that doesn’t support Unicode, but that is unlikely on a Mac. If this change causes any major issues, however, then I will have to revert to using ASCII… So, just wait and let’s see how this all works in beta 3.

Uh… Probably. :slight_smile: Footnote numbers just get inserted as-is, so will take on the formatting of the last character. You just have to be aware of this and set up your files accordingly.