Exporting Kindle .mobi without the PDOC tag?

Is there a way to compile to a Kindle .mobi file from Scrivener without that stupid PDOC tag? This tag results in the book showing up in the Docs folder on my Kindle Fire rather than in Books. I can remove the tag in Calibre, but then some of my formatting is not correct. I’m guessing the conversion is doing something unwanted, but I don’t know how to prevent it. Thanks.

As far as I understand, this is added to the MOBI format itself by KindleGen. If you check off the option in the KindleGen compile pane to export the source files—which are what we provide to KindleGen—you’ll find no “PDOC” string anywhere among the files. I do know what you mean in regards to the Fire though. I’ve always seen my test files end up in the “Docs” section rather than “Books”, no matter which folder I drag it into on the device itself.

The guides that I’ve seen for changing this tag using Calibre all refer to converting the book to pure Mobi. That’s not the best approach to take (unless it is purely for personal use) as that will wipe out the KF8 stuff, which is probably why formatting takes a hit. KindleGen produces a compound format with both the legacy MobiPocket as well as KF8 formats within it. Calibre can produce one or the other, but not the version that will work on everything from a Kindle Gen 1 to a Fire Phone.

There are some other methods that work on the binary .mobi itself, but they look a bit technical and I’m not sure how well they work. Here is a thread from MobileRead.