Exporting Manuscript, Folders with Forward Slash Create Incorrect Folder Structure

If you export multiple files, selecting the root folder (Manuscript) as the source. Should one of the folders contain a “/” in its name, the folder structure Scrivener generates is problematic.

Example: Family Ties / Hidden Truths.

This generates two folders: "Family Ties " and “Family Ties \ Hidden Truths”.

This seems innocuous enough, except I think the OS is interpreting this behavior as a somewhat single folder.

If in Windows Explorer I move the files from “Family Ties \ Hidden Truths” to the parent Directory "Family Ties ", the folder above "Family Ties " will contain a new folder of just "Family Ties ".

Problem is now you have "Family Ties " and "Family Ties ".

Trying to delete one of them yields Explorer saying the folder doesn’t exist.

So this issue is two fold:

  1. A bug in explorer (not your fault)
  2. A bug in Scrivener for using literally the file name instead of sanitizing it.

A hint comes in the form of how you would actually delete these folders. To do so fully, you need to use the command prompt and use something like `rmdir /s “Family Ties /”
Note the “/” at the end. If you don’t use that, the file system says the folder isn’t found.

Second issue: if you have a folder name with a colon in it. Scrivener gives an error.