Exporting previously imported files

for a project I created some text and added some files, like a .pdf and a movie file. Now I want to export the movie file again. I tried drag and drop from the binder, but it doesn’t work. What I can do is right click the movie in the binder and open it in an external viewer, which is QuickTime in this case. I can then export it but the filename is lost. Or, I can drag and drop it from the viewer, also losing the filename. Is there something I am missing…?
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You are looking for File > Export > Files… That exports any files that are selected in the binder, and maintains the hierarchy if any folders are selected.

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OK, that one I was missing…
Still, selecting one file lets me choose the filename. I guess it would be a good idea to suggest the filename that is used in the binder as well. Choosing the folder containing the movie file preserves the filename. Thanks for the hint…

Yes, I’m also having trouble with this. Would it be possible to update Scrivener so that if you just need one file, it will automatically keep the name? (not a biggy but I thought at first that maybe I was exporting more than one document from my project)… So if we export the manuscript folder and all the docs, it would grab the name of the folder. but if just one doc or pdf, etc, it would default to the name of that file?

Actually, I’m not sure what to do. Sorry. So I have my Nano project that I am currently working in but in the regular Novel project it has a few extra nifties: “Novel MS Format” manuscript (and how it’s formatted), the “Novel Format” doc, and “Title Page”. I’d like to get them in my Nano project and keep all the formatting just the way it is. Which “Export main text as” do I select from the document so that nothing will change?

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Shucks, no response. Anyone know how to export files and keep the same formatting? (Maybe I should wait until everyone is done with Nano before posting questions… lol :wink:

That same export files option I described above exports the files as they are - did you try that? Also, you can just drag the files from the binder of one project into the binder of another project, which is probably the quickest way of doing what you want.
2.0 will use the binder file name in Export Files by default for single files.

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Thank you for your response. What value do I select for “Export main text as” field?

That’s up to you - it only has an effect if you’re exporting text files and allows you to choose you preferred format. RTF is usually best in general though.
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