Exporting tables to pdf

I have been pulling my hair, trying to output a simple but long 2-column table to pdf. The table outputs as unformated text. I thought at first that Scivener was not recognising my table as such, but on selecting a cell and opening Format/Table, I could see that the settings were showing the correct number of columns and rows. So the issue remains with my Scrivener settings. I’ve tried exporting in Word and in .rtf to no avail. If I’m desperate, I’ll import my table as an image, but I just wonder what it takes to output my table (imported from Pages for Mac or from Numbers) formated as a table.

By the way I added a TOC at the beginning of my file, which displayed correctly, but the output to PDF was equally disastrous: no line breaks, links not working, question marks instead of numbers, plus a strange Scrivener reference: ](scrivlnk://C3EEC3F7-C07F-44FA-88B6–38E50ED775FE)

How are you trying to “output” the document?

Before replying, I created an empty Scrivener Project with one document in “Draft”. I added a 2-column table to that document and created ~200 rows (a lot) all with a bit of text. Then I picked Menu: File → Print current document … and pressed the “PDF button” (which is the MacOS standard print dialog box). Worked fine. Scrivener Ver 3.2.2

Thanks. Actually I wanted to compile the whole draft into pdf. I haven’t tried the print approach, however this just prints one document, as far as I can understand. Another thing that really sucks is that the TOC, which looks all right in Scrivener, is compiled completely unformated.

For me on the same project, but I copy/pasted my document into five documents, then on the compile, I picked Compile for “PDF” and it worked just fine. I did not change any options. I did not try to do a TOC as it not something I’ve ever done. [I do all my outputs to Text, then run it through a LaTeX compiler where I do TOC and indexing].

I have some 200 pages and I just wanted to show a first draft. I was hoping to use some more straightforward process, although I suspect I will necessarily need to go through a word processor (I’m using Pages, on my new MacBook because my old MSWord 2011 is no longer compatible). It’s a sad discovery that Scrivener does not provide a clean solution for final formating.

Humm. Most of the points you raise do not match my experience with any of these software products, but I’ll leave it at that. Good luck.

I cannot rule out that some formating in my file may be the culprit, but, if this is the case, I don’t know if there’s a way to completely clear any existing formating.

Compiling to PDF should work fine. It’s hard to say what might be going wrong without looking at the project, though. You can open a support ticket here:

Thanks. I’ll definitely do so. I love Scrivener and would like it to complete my writing jobs without resorting to other software or workarounds.