Exporting to existing directory

Not certain that this is necessarily a bug but I thought it most expeditious to post it here.

When exporting an existing file, I will get an appropriate message, “the file exists, do I want to continue?”. When I try exporting an existing Directory, the message is “The cannot create directory at…” (sic). I would want the system to offer me the same option of continuing to post to that already existing directory, with the obvious consequence that all files of similar name in the directory will be overwritten.

I understand that there is a work-around, when doing the export, of changing the export to the desired sub-directory of my normal “export” directory and then exporting the then necessarily selected files (with the attendant “the file exists…” message). But, really, this is the computer age where we can do anything we want with the minimum amount of extra clicks!! :smiley: