Exporting to InCopy

Has anyone tried exporting Scrivener files directly to Adobe InCopy, without first going through Word?

Our house is moving to InDesign (for design) and InCopy (for the editors) shortly, and InCopy is allegedly designed to import easily from Word. I just wonder if I, the sole house Scrivenerian, can eliminate the middle-Word, so to speak.

1.02 will introduce .doc export, I don’t know if that will help…
All the best,

Thanks so much in advance, Keith! This application just gets better and better!



More than likely it will. InCopy to me remains simply a concept imposed From Above, but its imposition is only a month or two away and I must arm myself.

Apparently it imports Word docs seamlessly–it pretty much has to, as much of the world works in Word, and InDesign/InCopy aspires to topple Quark, in which much of the world publishes.

From what I’ve read it imports RTF with some facility, but it’s really designed to upsuck native Word files. So a new Doc export in Scrivener just might allow me to get away with unapproved corporate behavior.