Exporting to Vellum - Loss of Endnotes

I’m exporting my book from Scrivener in .docx format and importing it into Vellum to prepare it for publishing. That part goes smoothly. However, the endnotes are lost in the translation. They are in the .docx file, but Vellum can’t recognize them. Does anyone have a workaround for this issue?

Have you contacted Vellum support? If they’re in the .DOCX file, Scrivener has done its job.


Yes, I did. But I’ve not heard back from them yet. I’ve contacted them in the past and, honestly, they’re not much help. Their usual response is that “Vellum doesn’t support that.” Period. I was hoping someone here had already run into this and had a workaround.

Hi, Chuck.

Rumours abound that a new version of Scrivener is about to be released and may have the features that were missing which initially gave you incentive to use Vellum.

If you are not too time constrained, you might consider what Scrivener 3 can do. There a few recent blog posts here on the L&L site which cover some of the new features.

Thanks, but I doubt that’s an option. I trying to wrap up the book and publish it on Black Friday in hopes of catching some of the online sale frenzy. I’m in the final edit right now.