I have an export problem. When I try to export the files of a novel, to Documents, to a CD or to a Word document, Scriv sends the first chapter blank and the second with a brief outline I deleted long ago. It also sends the scenes ok, but those are very rough and have since been incorporated into chapters. This is a beta version and I have had absolutely no trouble with it up to now. the chapters I need are still on Scrivener, and I might have to cut and paste them into Word. What am I doing wrong?


Have you checked that what you are trying to export is definitely in your Draft folder? (I am assuming you are using Compile Draft - if using Export Files, check that all the files you want to export are selected.) Also, check that the contents are set to export the text etc rather than the synopses… Certainly this doesn’t sound like a problem with Scrivener, but a problem with something you are doing. :slight_smile: If you could give more information, that would help.

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