External configuration file for Scivener 1's UI colors? (Windows)

I guess what I am asking is could it be done? I believe Scrivener for Windows is based on Qt? Maybe there’s a way to style it’s widgets colors? So far I’ve managed to achieve a semi-dark mode through Tools->Options->Appearance as seen here:


It’s far from ideal, and I know that Scrivener 3’s beta supports dark mode. I just can’t use it while I am writing my second novel because I am constantly on edge that the stable will finally kick in and I won’t be able to import my work back to Scrivener 1.

Disclaimer: I bought the Windows version a little more than two years ago with the money from my first novel. It’s sort of a bet I made with myself to buy Scrivener by writing stuff :slight_smile: In the meanwhile I found out that using Windows in dark mode is much better for my eyes and searched for ways to adjust Scrivener 1 to it, that’s all.