External Editor?

Is there a way to configure an external editor?

I noticed if I right-click on a *.html file I added to “Document References” it gives me a menu with options to:

  • Open in Current Editor
  • Open in Other Editor
  • Open in Default Editor

which I initially thought meant I could set up an external editor to be one of these, but as I looked through the documentation it looks like perhaps they are talking about a split-window editor and it’s talking about which window do you want to load the file into, instead of “send the file to your external editor” (i.e. the “other” editor).

Is that correct? Can I set up an external editor inside Scrivener?

That’s correct, “Other” in this case is referring to split window handling. If you are working in a Corkboard, for instance, and select something, you can use the “Other Editor” option to open that card in the split, rather than replacing the Corkboard.

You can’t set up default external editors in Scrivener, it just instructs Windows to open the file in the same manner as if you double-clicked on it in Explorer. So if you wish to change your default HTML editor, you’ll need to do so in Explorer.

That terminology is a little confusing, we do realise that. It should eventually literally state the editor spatially. So if you are using vertical splits, it would say “Open/in Left Editor” or “Open/in Right Editor”.

Hi there,

I was in the same boat but it’s only somewhat confusing terminology:

By “Other Editor” Scrivener or its creators mean “Other Editor WINDOW”, so, no, no external editor.

If it was there, I would switch to WriteMonkey as my fullscreen editor at once :slight_smile:.