External folder sync issues with Word comments

I’m using the external folder sync option so editors can comment on my Scrivener project. We recently ran into a little issue. It seems when a comment is made using Word, it sometimes (not with all comments, for whatever reason) causes the paragraph spacing to change in the Scrivener version. The paragraph spacing appears to become much tighter, and paragraph also loses its indent.

I did some testing and found that when I deleted the comment in Word, the Scrivener spacing went back to normal, but not always with the paragraph still indented.

Any help with this issue would be greatly appreciated!!


Sorry for the late reply to this one. Would it be possible to attach or send us an RTF file with a comment that exhibits this issue - that is, which looks fine in Word, but when synced back with Scrivener has odd paragraph spacing? It sounds like a minor import bug in the comments code, but I can’t reproduce it so a sample file would be really helpful.


All the best,

Hi Keith,

I’m actually having trouble recreating the problem in a sample. (I can’t send you my project due to the nature of the content).

I’ll see if I can borrow copy from my partner’s project in order to show you the problem, but I did recreate what I think is part of the problem. I tried to attach a sample document, but I get the message “The extension rtf is not allowed.” So, this is my explanation in words.

In my Scrivener project I set my line spacing to:
Line height multiple: 1.5
Inter-line: 2
Paragraph after: 10

When I open the synced document in Word, and add a comment, save it, then reopen my Scrivener document, the spacing settings change to:
Line height multiple: 1
Inter line: 0
Paragraph after: 10

So any changes to the Word document affect the spacing I’ve set in Scrivener. In my partner’s project, our problem has been that in the specific grafs where we add a comment, we lose the spacing. I’m having trouble recreating that, but I did recreate the overall spacing issue.

Thanks for your help with this!