External keyboard Navigation questions

I am trying to avoid screen tapping on an iPad Air 2 while using the iOS Scriv editor, so looking for any tips you have on this.

  1. While using an external keyboard, is there a way to scroll one screen’s worth of text in the editor? I found that Alt+arrow jumps from paragraph end to paragraph end, so hoping there is something similar out there for scrolling screen to screen.

  2. Can the keys on the extended keyboard row be controlled via an external keyboard?

Thanks folks.

Here’s what we know about page up & down.

I’ve never heard of anything that would let you trigger an arbitrary UI button with a keyboard shortcut, outside of bespoke systems or UI macro systems (and neither of those are terribly relevant to iOS). Do note that a lot of the functions already have shortcuts, though.

Thanks Amber.

I am busy googling standard iOS keyboard shortcuts and finding a few I didn’t know about. So still in the learning curve.