external references not working follow up problem

Hi -

I just sent an email to your technical support address about the external addresses in inspector not working after the 2.4 update. I found the thread in this forum, and downloaded 2.4.1 from your site, and in a surfeit of caution created a second application, Scrivener2. It loaded all the material from the existing program, version 2.4.

I’d like to have only one on my computer. If I delete 2.4, will I be ok?


PS - downloaded the update from Apple. You might want to change that to 2.4.1 to prevent heart attacks.

It’s perfectly fine to have more than one copy of Scrivener around, and it doesn’t really matter if you delete the ones you no longer need. Have you gone through the migration article? If you intend to switch over to the direct-sale version, you should consider moving your preferences and backups over to a location it can read (the MAS version is restricted to its own private data storage).

We have nothing to do with when software is published to the Mac App Store. That update has been sitting on their server for nearly a week now, as a critical bug fix (there is one even worse than the references problem), and they are mainly just bickering over petty things like menu labels. It’ll be available when they feel like it, basically.