External subfolders

Hi - I understand from the manual that:

Is there any way to export/sync as a folder ?

I’m on the Windows Scriv v3 beta, and there’s no way to do this, so my assumption is there’s no way to do it in the Mac version.

That would be a shame - would make it difficult to share complicated documents . On a Mac folders are allowed comments so you can have combined ‘folder/texts’.

I confirm JimRac’s comment; it works this way on Mac, too.

It’s one of the fundamental things about Scrivener. Essentially “Folders” in the binder are text documents on disk … a folder can have its own text, independent of any “text/scene” child documents they contain; similarly, a “text document” in the binder can also have children, which can be “Folders” if necessary. Then within Scrivener folders can be converted into documents and documents can be converted into folders. While such complexity may seem extreme, believe me, it gives Scrivener its great flexibility at compile time.

What exactly are you wanting to do when “sharing a complex document”? Sharing how, with who, in what form?



I’m trying to keep a consistent hierarchical structure for ease of use - also is it possible to add documents in the right place within the structure ?

Scrivener manages your structure.

Exactly what is it you want to do?

Regarding the use of external folder sync: While you can add documents to your draft when using folder sync with an external editor, when you sync back to Scrivener they will show up at the bottom of the Draft folder in your Binder. You will need to place them into your hierarchy manually.

I must echo Lunk’s question – please, what are you trying to achieve in the bigger picture? Collaboration? Working on your project yourself with a device that doesn’t support Scrivener? Working with an agent or editor? There may be a superior way to achieve what you want to achieve, but we can’t offer suggestions without some more information.

Hope this helps!

If you export files and folders (File -> Export -> Files), Scrivener will preserve the project hierarchy. HOWEVER, this creates an object that is completely disconnected from Scrivener. That is, if you edit the result and import it back in, you’re responsible for keeping track of which files have changed and so on.

What exactly are you trying to do?