Extra newlines

I just upgraded from to and now compiling adds an extra newline at the end of each of my text documents. What bug was this intended to fix, and how can I disable it?

I do note that it fixed the issue I had in the previous version where I needed to add a newline to my final text document in order for the formatting to be applied to it, but now I have extra newlines between my documents. That is, I used to have:

and now I have

(where # is my separator character between text documents).

Also, since I have page breaks before new chapters, in some places the generated rtf has a full blank page (because the newline ran onto the next page, and then the page break caused it to jump to the page after that).

I too have this issue. It is very easy to reproduce:

Start a new novel project.
Add two scene files to the chapter folder.
Add a single line of text to each scene.
Compile the novel (tried with .doc and.rtf formats).


I also have this problem, though I didn’t notice it until this thread brought it to my attention.

Thanks, guys! We’re aware of the problem and working on a fix for it. It was introduced as an unintended side effect when fixing some formatting and separator issues from a previous version.

Thanks for the update.


Maybe this is related…

When merging documents, I sometimes get no space between them.
This does not happen all the time : In a document made out of 10 pieces, I had this only once.

I am having this issue, too. I really hope it’s resolved soon, as it’s quite difficult to remove the extra lines after a compile. The only way to do it without messing up other formatting is by hand. :frowning:

We’re trying to get an update that resolves this out shortly.

Lilith, the issue with the blank spaces being added occurs during the compile phase, so I doubt it’s related to whatever you’re seeing with space being removed during a merge. Is there any special formatting (including tables or images) in the documents that merge without a blank line added? Did you use different steps to merge them compared to the others? If you can find a reproducible case of this, please let us know!


The file where this happens is a poem written in several pieces.
And (I’m sorry) it was indeed in compile, not in document merge…

The only thing I could see as a possible cause is that, on the place where this happened, the last two verses are written in another format : another font and an increased indent.
No images, no table.

Lilith–ah, ok, if it was in compile, that’s probably related then. Was the document marked to compile “as-is”? In those, the extra space isn’t getting added before the separators as is happening generally, but this is affecting the “empty line” separator such that it acts as a single return. That should be fixed along with the problem of the extra line being added in the others for the update Lee is working on.

Any updates on the progress of this…er…update? :smiley:

Oops, belated response…We’re really very close now. Really. :slight_smile: It’s been unfortunately one of those cases of “fixing A breaks B”, so we’ve had to keep going round and round re-fixing things and testing to make sure we didn’t accidentally blow up something else. I think we’re on the final run now though so fingers crossed we’ll have 1.5.4 pushed out by the end of next week.